Our Mission

We're looking to completely revolutionise the way the average consumer and companies worldwide use a computer day to day. With clear no-contract pricing, regularly upgraded hardware and the network up to 50x that of the average house in the United Kingdom Fire Power has the capability to change the way it's done.

What can Fire Power do for you?

You have the power to access your Fire Box anywhere at anytime. Move from PC, to phone to your iPad seamlessly without losing a thing. High end hardware with enterprise grade networking just a click away. Use your Fire Box as anything you wish. Run Game Servers, Video Streaming, Video Transcoders or your day to day life 24x7x365..


Your Hardware

CPU: Intel Core i7-8700k 4.2GHz (2 Cores)

DISK: 120GB's Direct NVMe Storage (Expandable)

RAM: 8GB's of DDR4 2800MHz

NETWORK: 1Gbps Upload | 1Gbps Download

OS: Windows 10 (2019)

IP: Dedicated Static IP


We work with top companies around the world to ensure your services are safe and up to scratch. We constantly release new updates & security fixes and we work along side Europes safest datacenters.

Constantly Upgraded

We are constantly upgrading our services and Fire Box Specs. With no-downtime migration your machine will be upgraded as fast as we grow. This means you never need to pay another penny to upgrade your hardware or your network. We've got you covered from here!


Click & Connect

With just a single click you're in your new Fire Box.
Top spec hardware, enterprise network connection all at your fingertips.
Dive into the world of Fire Power and step to the next level of
everyday computing.
Fire Power's connection is up to 50x faster than the average house
in the United Kingdom, allowing you to do more than ever before!