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Office Box

£ 19.95
Per box, per month
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    120GB's NVME SSD Storage
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    8GB's DDR4 RAM
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    1Gbps Unlimited Bandwidth
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    99.99% Uptime Guarantee
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    24/7/365 Support
Ready to go!
No setup required! You'll receive an instant activation email with credentials and a login guide. Your new Windows computer is just a step away!
Backed Up
Your Fire Box is securely backed up nightly. You can go back up to 3 days to recover any documents, media or your entire system at any time.
Constantly Evolving
New and upgraded hardware is added frequently to ensure your Fire Box is way ahead of anything you might throw at it.

Fire Box FAQ

Have a question about The Fire Box?
All Fire Box's are on a 1Gbps (1000Mbps) network connection with speed limits of 900Mbps Down / 800Mbps Up
Our activation process is completely automatic! Once payment is received you should receive an email within 10 minutes. During peak periods this can take up to 1 working day.
We use a range of Intel CPU's and we're always upgrading our hardware. The most standard configuration uses an Intel Core i9 9900K.
Nope! Each Fire Box comes with a static IP (it never changes) that's all yours.
It sure can! If you're thinking of using the Fire Box's in a multi-user corporate environment contact us prior for a custom configuration on your order.
If 120GB's of storage isn't enough for you we can add up to 10TB's (10000GB's) of additional HDD storage for £10/TB/M). Check the 'Storage' section in your control panel.
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Harvey Derwent avatar image
“I started using a Fire Box 4 months ago. I'm always on the move and had a laptop with me everywhere I went. Now I just use my iPad with a keyboard and mouse, amazing! ”
Josh Campbell
Harvey Derwent avatar image
“Amazing! Jumping from desk to desk, laptop to phone and continuing exactly where I left off editing. Finally, thank you!”
Harvey Derwent
Freelance Photoshop Editor
Shelley McNabb avatar image
“Knowing all my staff computers are in one place at one fee every month puts me at ease. I don't have to worry about backups, repairs, errors or slow speeds anymore and neither do my staff! And we're saving money, welcome to the future!”
Shelley McNabb
Software Engineer