Brand New Cloud Gaming Machine! Game anywhere, anytime on any device!
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Your new Windows PC

Ran entirely in the cloud. Constantly evolving. Access on any smart device, anytime.

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Super Fast
Industry leading hardware that's constantly evolving and forever growing, paired with an industry leading network.
Completely Secure
Feel secure with a dedicated Threat & Security Team working 24/7 ensuring everythings how it should be, all the time.
Unbeatable Pricing
One fixed monthly price. Never worry about upgrading, repairing or maintaining your computer ever again. We've got it covered from here.

Any device, anytime

Connect to your new Windows 10 PC using any smart device with an internet connection. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Working from home, a library or a friends computer.

Hop on any computer and login to your Fire Box in seconds. All your programs & files exactly where you left off.

Windows Apple OSX Linux & Ubuntu Google OS

On the sofa, in the garden or just led in bed.

Connect from any Apple or Android tablets and access the full power of a full Windows 10 desktop in your hands.

Apple iOS Android OS Amazon Fire OS Google OS

On the train, in the taxi or walking

Need to access something quickly? Jump straight into your Fire Box from any mobile device with an internet connection. You can even hookup a mouse and keyboard for the full experience!

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“The next generation of computing”

Less work, more flow.

Use your Fire Box to its full potential and link it with all of your favorite apps!
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One price suits all

No hidden fees, no hidden contracts. Monthly rolling.

Fire Box

£ 19.95
Per box, per month
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    120GB's NVME SSD Storage
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    8GB's DDR4 RAM
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    1Gbps Unlimited Bandwidth
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    99.99% Uptime Guarantee
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    24/7/365 Support


You've got questions, we've got answers!
We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Skrill.
Our dedicated migration tam can remotely help you migrate your files & applications over to your Fire Box from your local machine(s). Just open a support ticket to book a time-slot.
Yes. As soon as we have received payment for your order our system will automaticly create your Fire Box and your login details will be emailed to you.
You can connect to your Fire Box on just about every device with an internet connection. For an example of your specific system please visit our 'Application Support' section.
Can't order a Fire Box right now? Don't worry, this just means we're receiving a higher than expected influx of orders. Check back soon for more stock.
As time goes on hardware degrades and programs become more demanding. All Fire Box's are constantly been upgraded in the background. You never have to pay for a pesky computer upgrade again, we've got you covered!
Still have unanswered questions? Let us know!